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本文摘要:More and more people are using their big, flat-panel TVs to watch Internet video, view photos, play music and casual games, and access apps, social media and websites. The trouble is, this is primarily being done via plugged-in PCs, or add-on boxes like Apple TV, Microsofts Xbox, and Roku players. They use separate remotes and are accessed via separate inputs on the TV. 更加多的人都在用大尺寸平板电视机来观赏网络视频、网页照片、播出音乐、玩游戏休闲游戏并运用应用程序、登岸社交媒体和网站。

More and more people are using their big, flat-panel TVs to watch Internet video, view photos, play music and casual games, and access apps, social media and websites. The trouble is, this is primarily being done via plugged-in PCs, or add-on boxes like Apple TV, Microsofts Xbox, and Roku players. They use separate remotes and are accessed via separate inputs on the TV. 更加多的人都在用大尺寸平板电视机来观赏网络视频、网页照片、播出音乐、玩游戏休闲游戏并运用应用程序、登岸社交媒体和网站。问题在于这主要是通过相连PC电脑,或苹果电视(Apple TV)、微软公司(Microsoft)Xbox和Roku播放器等外接盒子来构建的。

它们各用各的遥控器,并且通过有所不同的模块终端电视机。Lots of people have been counting on Apple to unify standard TV with these apps and Internet content in a simple, elegant device. The company is working on it, but the major TV makers arent waiting. They are offering Internet-connected smart TVs. Their pitch is that you can switch between, or even combine on one screen, regular TV and Internet content, without adding extra devices and remotes, or switching inputs. 很多人都在确信苹果公司能把普通电视机和这些应用程序、互联网内容统一到一部非常简单易懂的设备当中。苹果正在希望,但几家主要的电视机生产商也没按兵不动。

它们发售了相连互联网的“智能电视”,其卖点在于,不必须配备多余的设备和遥控器,也不必须转换模块,你就可以在普通电视节目和互联网内容之间切换,甚至把这些内容放到同一个屏幕上。I decided to check in on the state of the smart TV by living for a few days with the latest version from Samsung. While competitors like LG, Sony and others also offer smart TVs, I chose Samsung for two reasons. First, its a powerhouse across the world of digital devices that run apps. Second, this year it introduced to its smart TVs a new kind of touch-based remote and a concept called Smart Interaction, which uses a camera and microphones built into the TV to support voice control, gesture control and facial recognition. 我要求用几天三星(Samsung)的最新款智能电视,来想到智能电视行业的现状。虽然LG、索尼(Sony)和其他竞争对手也有智能电视出售,但我因为两个原因自由选择了三星。

首先三星是智能数码产品界的巨头。其次,今年它为自己的智能电视发售了一款新型触摸式遥控器,并引进了“智能对话”(Smart Interaction)的概念,用电视机内置的一个摄像头和麦克风来反对语音掌控、手势掌控和面部辨识。I installed the smallest top-of-the-line Samsung LED model with these new features, the 46-inch ES8000. It costs about $2,000, after rebates. 我加装了三星享有这些新功能的LED电视机当中配备最低、尺寸大于的型号,即46英寸的ES8000。

优惠后的价格在2,000美元左右。My verdict is mixed. The Samsung Smart TV worked well for some functions, like watching standard cable TV, conducting Skype conversations with the camera and mics, and watching streaming television and movies via services such as Netflix, Hulu Plus and MLB.TV. I appreciated not having to switch inputs and remotes. I also liked the companion apps for the TV Samsung makes available for Android devices and for the iPhone and iPad, which act as remotes or can beam content onto the TV without an adapter. 我对它的评价有好有坏。

三星这款智能电视的某些功能展现出不俗,如观赏普通有线电视,用摄像头和麦克风展开Skype通话,以及通过Netflix、Hulu Plus和MLB.TV.在线观看电视电影等。我讨厌它不必须在模块和遥控器之间换来换去。我也讨厌三星为安卓(Android)终端和iPhone、iPad获取的附带应用程序,安装程序之后,这些手机、平板电脑就可以当作遥控器,或在不必适配器的情况下把媒体内容传输到电视机上去。

But I found the new Smart Interaction - voice, gesture and facial recognition - unreliable and awkward. Many of the key apps, including Facebook, Twitter and the Web browser, seemed crude and hard to use without a keyboard, which Samsung sells for about $100. The Smart Touch Remote was disappointing. I focused my testing on the Smart Interaction, the new remote and the latest version of the Smart Hub, Samsungs built-in interface for apps and Web content. I wasnt evaluating the ES8000 as a standard TV, though it handled regular TV just fine. 但我找到新的“智能对话”(语音、手势和面部辨识)不可信、很差用。还包括Facebook、Twitter和网页浏览器在内,很多关键应用程序或许都很坚硬,在不用于键盘的情况下不好用。三星有键盘出售,价格在100美元左右。“智能触碰遥控器”让人沮丧。

我的测试重点是智能对话、新的遥控器和最新版“智能应用于中心”(Smart Hub,即三星获取应用程序和网页内容的内置界面)。虽然ES8000播出普通电视节目没什么问题,但我不是把它当普通电视机来评估的。Setup was easy. The TV easily hooked up to my cable box and linked to my home Wi-Fi quickly and reliably. 设置过程并不简单。这部电视机很更容易就接通我的机顶盒,并很快而可信地连到了我家里的Wi-Fi网络。

Smart Interaction 智能对话 The Samsung ES8000 allows you to control many functions, like turning the TV on or off or launching apps, by saying Hi, TV then speaking a command. When you say the trigger phrase, a list of possible voice commands appears at the bottom of the screen. 说道一声“你好电视”(Hi, TV),然后谈出有命令,你就可以掌控三星ES8000的很多功能,如关上、重开电视,或启动应用程序等。当你讲出“你好电视”的时候,屏幕底部就不会经常出现你可能会中用的一些语音命令。It was disappointing. In many cases, my commands were ignored, interpreted inaccurately, or had to be repeated several times - even in a quiet room and within the recommended distance. I could only get the TV to turn on via voice once in a dozen tries. 这个功能让人沮丧。


Gestures were similarly frustrating. Youre supposed to enable them by just waving your hand toward the camera, but this often failed. When it didnt, I found using gestures to navigate among apps on the Smart Hub screen to be cumbersome. The exception was Angry Birds. It worked well with gestures. 手势功能某种程度让人恐惧。本来只要朝着摄像头鞠躬,你就应当需要启动手势功能,然而这一功能经常失灵。

没失灵的时候,我找到用手势在“智能应用于中心”屏幕上网页应用程序十分不方便。《气愤的小鸟》(Angry Birds)是一个值得注意,手势功能用一起很流畅。Face recognition - mostly used as an alternate to a password for logging into Samsungs Internet services - failed for me utterly, even when I left my chair and squatted with my face lined perfectly up to the camera just a few feet away. 面部辨识主要被用来代替密码登岸三星的互联网服务。我用于这一功能一次也没顺利,哪怕是我从椅子上抱住蹲下去,让脸部几乎对准摄像头、中间只于隔年几英尺也无济于事。

Even the guy conducting Samsungs online tutorials for Smart Interaction suffered some embarrassing failures in a video series called, ironically, Keep It Simple. 就常是个人在网上展示三星“智能对话”功能的那部分内容也经常出现了一些令人尴尬的故障。嘲讽的是,该系列展示视频的名字就叫“Keep It Simple”(别搞简单了)。Smart Touch Remote 智能触碰遥控器 I had better luck with the Smart Remote, which attempts to get rid of the typical plethora of buttons by using a touch pad. But I found this touch pad to be much less responsive than the best laptop touch pads. I sometimes grabbed for the standard remote that comes with the TV and preferred using Samsungs Smart Remote app on my iPhone. It was responsive and performed the same functions. “智能遥控器”企图通过一个触摸板来挣脱普通遥控器上的多余按钮,用它的时候我的运气要好一些。


Also, typing in things like passwords, search terms, tweets and Web addresses, was clumsy with either remote, and inconsistent, as it is on many TV-based apps. You have to peck out letters on an on-screen keyboard. The iPhone (and Android) remote app often was better. 另外,和很多电视机上的应用程序一样,不管是用哪种遥控器,输出密码、搜寻关键词、Twitter信息和网址都不方便、不连贯。你不能是在屏幕软键盘上费力地投出字母。iPhone(以及安卓手机)上的遥控器应用程序经常要好一些。

Smart Hub 智能应用于中心 This screen, separate from the main TV display, contains the ES8000 apps and Internet functions. It isnt new, but has been improved. It contains some Samsung-based apps, like a family-photo and chat program, a kids game and learning app, and a fitness app for exercise videos and charts of results. You also can download third-party apps from a built-in store containing 784 choices, of which about 70% are free. 这个屏幕与表明电视节目的主屏幕独立国家,所含ES8000的应用程序和互联网功能。它不是新的引产品,但较老版有所改进。

其中还包括一些三星的应用程序,如一款家庭照片和聊天程序,一款儿童游戏与自学程序,一款播出健美视频和成绩表的健美程序。你也可以从一个所含784种自由选择的内置商店中iTunes第三方应用程序,其中70%的程序是免费的。The Smart Hub screen features a small window that shows the TV program you were watching. But if it gets annoying, it cant be turned off. There also is a feature called Social TV, which wraps a large TV window with a small display of your social network feeds. 智能应用于中心的屏幕上有一个小窗口,表明你正在观赏的电视节目。但如果实在叫醒人,你是关不掉它的。

还有一个功能叫“社交电视”(Social TV),可以把一个表明电视节目的大窗口和一个表明社交网站新的内容的小窗口放到一起。There are Facebook and Twitter apps, but they seemed stripped down. As noted, the best-performing apps were those that mimicked TV, such as Netflix. I also liked a Samsung app called SwipeIt, which lets you take a picture or video from a phone or tablet and with a swiping gesture, make it appear on the TV. It worked perfectly on a Samsung tablet and an iPhone. 里面有Facebook和Twitter应用于,但这些程序或许只不具备最简单的功能。


There are flashes of a great future merging regular TV and the Web on the Samsung Smart TV. But it needs work. 我的结论是:三星智能电视将普通电视和网络融合在一起不会有很好的前途,但它还必须更进一步的改良。



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